Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pay rise for civil servants

You can look at it many ways. The Opposition says it is nothing more than an election bait, while on the streets opinions range from outright disgust and full appreciation of the rationale. You can't please everyone.

With feet firmly planted on terra firma, I'd say that it is about time the civil servants get this significant pay increase. Congratulations. Also, not forgetting a thank you to the Prime Minister for helping to fastrack it. No, I don't want to question the perceived rationale for the excercise but it suffices to say that Pak Lah should be proud that he did it.

Nevermind that some detractors say it is an election ploy. The reality still stands. You are in politics and the way it goes, you, your party or any party for that matter will have to do the same thing in the course of their running the country. Yes, if the excercise makes the beneficiaries want to come out even stronger in their support for the ruling government, so be it!

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