Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fixed elections, phantom voters, etc: a wild imagination

Met an Ah Pek at a restaurant near my place early this evening. Our brief introduction turned into a surprising short discourse by him. The following is the gist of what he rambled to me about.

Many a times I wondered whether the allegations that elections in Malaysia are really open to rigging ring true. Going by what the Opposition claim almost all the time, everyone would have agreed with them. But, no. In spite of their rantings and endless complaints, the incumbent always wins, except for one or to areas -- where they lost. If thats not democracy at work I don't know what is.

You don't need to read lengthy essays on politics and listen to preachings on good democratic practice, etc. This country has gone way ahead of such philosophizings without the need to stand back and listen to blinkered views from those who claim righteousness that are beyond reproach.

Yes, of course there have been misgivings, errors and abuse of authority by those in power. To say that they are squeaky clean is tantamount to an outright lie, as even they themselves will agree. But no one in their right mind would think that the whole government is corrupted and infinitely useless.For the transgressions, ommissions and going out of lines, they are remedies to be had. Even if inquests and scrutiny by the people do not work immediately to their satisfaction, the issues are by no means allowed to be relegated to oblivion.

Some expert opinions that sound holier-than-thou, pointing out each and every perceived wrongdoing of the authorities more often than not are just pain in the ears. We listen to them.We get get agitated for a while but after some time when we see the reality in front of us we find such preachings just do not fit well. It seems that these few "thinking" souls underrate the maturity of the majority of Malaysian.

I suppose it is such foolish stand that has so often caused the downfall of the Oppositions in by-elections of late. But, of course, from their point of view it is always a different story all the same...

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