Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ezam’s “Class Act”: A Staged Exit

On the surface of it, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Youth chief Mohd Ezam Mohd Nor’s resignation looks genuine enough to pass-off as a move that is all honourable, i.e. to focus all his energy in moving GERAK.

However, if one cares to look deeper beneath that facade of righteousness there still lurks a dark shadow of doubt fingered by some ‘unknown’ hidden hands. Hidden hands that can be traced back to his mentor, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the grand designs of his U.S.-sponsored initiatives such as the Foundation for the Future and other so-called pro-democracy and human rights war machines.

While we wait for the truth to naturally surface, it will suffice for us to just reflect on GERAK’s self-proclaimed struggle that is supposedly independent, impartial and beyond party politics. One doesn’t have to go far to ponder GERAK’s so-called non-partisan stance. Just consider Ezam’s willingness to cooperate with all organisations, including civil society, political parties both INSIDE and OUTSIDE government in order to push for reforms in Malaysia.

Now, doesn’t that sound very familiar? Isn’t that the same strain played by Anwar on all his platforms within Malaysia and abroad? No, Ezam has not burned his political bridges. He is just on a mission assigned by Anwar – a platform that will make PKR and Anwar’s U.S.-backed strategies wholesome and most attractive in the areas he has set his eyes on for the 12th General Elections.

And to start off his support base in GERAK, Ezam has successfully recruited legions of youths, the majority of which is made up of Chinese from colleges and even form six students. Of course, the bait is the noble aspirations of GERAK – aspirations that ride on the relentless offensive of the opposition parties against almost all Government policies, which they claim are tainted with endless corruption and inefficiencies.

Ezam’s claim that his SMS-based recruitment exercise had attracted mostly Chinese youth is so telling. Obviously, he found the Malay students averse to his ideals - ideals that have been nurtured in the mental training grounds of Anwar Ibrahim.

Don’t be surprised to see that GERAK’s next coup in its recruitment exercise will impact those in Sabah and Sarawak, for these are the two states that Anwar and PKR are confident of making very significant headway in the GE.

How can Ezam say that his is acting apolitical with GERAK when in reality he is willing (read: already) working with political parties within and outside of Malaysia to realise his goals? And there are obvious conflicts in his stand with regards to PKR, too. As for the party, Ezam sees GERAK as a continuation of the struggle of the party. He sees it playing a complementary role for the party (PKR), helping the party to give a clear picture (an excuse) to voters that both GERAK and PKR are really serious in combating corruption. Now, isn’t that the very same war cry used by all politicians in this country? Fighting corruption is always on the shopping list, but always against those in the ruling Government.

So, while the truth unravels itself in the months to come, lets just keep our options open about the real directions that Ezam is taking his vehicle, GERAK.

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