Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Early Observation of the Police Report Against RPK & Malaysia-Today Fiasco

Its quite beguiling to read about the fiasco surrounding the police report lodged against Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) and Malaysia-Today.

For one it sure looks like RPK was so piqued that his sense of objectivity and balance seemed to have gone to the dogs in this instance. Just look at his challenge to UMNO Information Chief Muhamad Muhamad Taib which was published in Malaysia-Today today.

RPK kept ranting about his being not an ordinary prince but a Bugis Prince at that. A strain that is assumed to bring shudders down the spine of his detractors, especially Muhamad Muhammad Taib—never mind that his claimed royal genealogy leads back to some historic nation of yore far away from our shores.

At times his staccato outlash against his detractor made me laugh out loud. I laughed because of the almost childlike response from RPK and no less the way Muhammad Taib tackled the matter, to subsequently turn it into a virtual circus of sorts.

Already RPK has indicated that he had not the faintest idea of what UMNO or Muhamad Muhamad Taib was harping on. If it was over a certain posting or comments that he had allegedly humiliated the Yang DiPertuan Agong and Islam, RPK said there was none to be had on that stated date of July 11.

I am not partisan to RPK, Malaysia-Today or the person who made the report vicariously or otherwise. But the point is that both sides may be equally at fault or loss, whichever way you look at it. For UMNO and Muhamad Muhamad Taib who wanted to nab the perpetrators of the alleged attack on the Yang DiPertuan Agong and Islam, you should have made sure that all proper evidence and documention are at hand. This is very important. Although RPK himself had tried (although not draconianly) to ensure certain civility and decorum in Malaysia-Today, he nevertheless had clearly failed in this.

As for his own postings over alleged corruption and what not, why not garner the help of the legal community and start by making police reports and fight for it through proper channels? Truth and honesty will not fail a mission ultimately. However, by taking this route of among other things, allowing subversive elements to partake of the ‘free’ platform that he has provided via Malaysia-Today, he has turned himself into a victim – again.

RPK should have closely monitored all postings that appear on Malaysia-Today. Readers and commentators can critically discuss anything by all means, but do please keep emotions in check for want of certain decorum of civility as sensible citizens – citizens because most of the focus is on bringing about change, a better standard of democracy and higher level of integrity in the Government and country.

Without close monitoring this is what happens. Well, to some of the opponents of the system, reaction (the harsher the better) in any form is deemed as progress, either in the way of ‘martyrdom’ for the protagonist or at least to deflect attention to the assumed ‘misdeeds’ of the authorities in trying to enforce certain laws.

As for RPK, instead of coming forth with a more sensible set of answer backs, he got carried away with allegations of misdeeds and indiscretions of Muhamad Muhammad Taib that ranged from corruption to disrespect to the Yang DiPertuan Agong.

Having said almost everything that I presume rushed to his mind at the spur of the moment, he concluded his piece by challenging Muhammad Taib to a duel with kerises. What gives?

This, I see as RPK’s weakness. Earlier on in one of his postings on the so-called establishment of UMNO cyber-troopers to take on the opposition bloggers through the open medium of the internet, he even had the audacity to stoop so low as to describe his opponents (UMNO cyber troopers) as country bumpkins who did not even know how to use cutlery at a formal dinner. He wrote off this people upon this presumed shortcomings, adding that their inability to speak proper English placed them at station below his so-called noble upbringing. So much for freedom. It sure reeks of certain vestiges of Middle Age feudalistic outlook.

Yes, of course I also see that on the part of UMNO the counter attacks by these mercenary cyber warriors or what not clearly had failed. On the main they have not been successful in engaging the opposition. This has been easily picked by RPK and the rest to turn it against them.

As a mere observer I can see that if RPK’s arch nemesis, especially UMNO, had put more thought into their fight back strategies, they will find that there are a thousand and one ways to succeed – there are many ways to skin a cat, as the saying goes.

However, this early showdown between UMNO, Muhammad Muhammad Taib dan RPK seems to have fallen flat on its face.

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