Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Goodbye, Loga...

I feel a great loss after hearing that Alleycat's Loganathan Arumugam passed away peacefully in Penang yesterday morning following a brave fight with the big 'C'.

Save for a few months many years ago when I would hum his songs day in day out, I have, since, lost touch with his musical creations until two days before his death.

His passing is a loss as knowing him I really could appreciate that in this man, Loga, was a true Malaysian who had lived his life as a tolerant and amiable person, who put his ethnicity aside to pursue his love of music...and making it big in the Malay music scene in the 80s.

On many occassions I have chanced to delve deep into his soul during those years...on certain days we talked deep into the night after completing his shows. It was then that I discovered his passion as a Malaysian -- a passion not carved out of commercial greed but a true reflection of his anak Malaysia persona...he had no animosity for the other races. He understood the barriers that their religious convictions dictate and he respected that.

By paying a short tribute in my blog on the man, I really wish there are more of us like him.

Thank you, Loga...

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