Thursday, January 17, 2008

VK Lingam Video: Bear in mind that....

... the Civil (secular) Court system consists of 3 components:

  • the Judge
  • the Defense Lawyer
  • the Prosecutor.

If any one or all of these are corrupt, then the system is at risk. The tragedy is when everybody falls for the trap of finding blame only in the Judges.

Mind you, there is no way to prove that VK Lingham actually spoke to a Judge as the phone wasn't tapped...hence, we will never know if the voice at the other end actually matches that of the accused Judge.

What it proves to be is that there crooks like VK Lingham amongst the Defense lawyers just as there are crooked clients like Loh who are willing to resort to blackmailing the lawyer by making a video recording of something that cannot beyond any doubt prove VK actually spoke to a judge.

VK was only trying to impress his rich & corrupt client that he had connections....he could have least allowed the client to listen to the conversation on a tapped line or extension, which he didn't. So, why the fuss?

In an interview wth Malaysiakini, this Loh guy even says he doesn't know if VK wasn't acting !! All this confirms is thatt there are people so rich they think they can buy anyone!

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