Monday, October 29, 2007

Ponder the following:

  1. Nasaruddin Jalil, rich economic advisor and died-hard supporter of DSAI died recently.
  2. Razak Ahmad, Chairman of PKR Johore died a few months ago, too.
  3. Syed Azmi, Penang strong supporter & Pengerusi Perhubungan Pulau Pinang is now seriously ill.
  4. Zainal Abidin Wahid, ardent supporter is also now seriously ill and wheel-chair bound.
  5. Sanusi Osman of PRM is also seriously ill of old age.
  6. The wives of three of DSAI's close friends have died of cancer (i.e. Anuar Zaini, former VC Universiti Malaya, Nazri Abdullah, formerly of NST and Kamaruddin Md Nor, still Ketua bahagian UMNO Pasir Putih Kelantan).
  7. Zainur Zakaria, former lawyer to DSAI, has decided to wind down his support of DSAI and is now significantly quiet and no longer active in PKR.
  8. Marina Yusof and Saidatul Said Keruak (Sabah) have left Keadilan and rejoined UMNO (though surely they will get anywhere now in UMNO?)
  9. Roslan Kassim, LokmanNor Adam, Hanafiah Man and Zaid Mat Ariff plus eight others have declared rejoining UMNO a year ago.
  10. Many others like Saupi Daud, Anwar Tahir, Ustaz Mohamed Mustapha (Kelantan) and Shaari Sungib have left PKR for PAS.
  11. Ezam Md Nor left PKR recently, why?
  12. Even Nallakaruppan has quit PKR and deserted Anwar...

Why? Are they all wrong and only Anwar right? One begins to wonder – why? Needless, this surely has affected DSAI's morale. Hence, failing to get support from these people anymore, he now has no choice but to try become a hero for the non-Malays in order to continue to be relevant to Malaysian politics.

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