Monday, March 16, 2009

Eli’s Coming...

From Lenggong Valley

ELI's COMING...that's a 60s song by Three Dog Night.

The lyrics go something like, "...walk but you'll never get, you'll never get away from the burning a-heartache..."

News has it that Elizabeth Wong is on her way back and that the Selangor Speaker gave her permission to not attend the assembly, while Khalid said he had the discretion to extend her leave!

What gives? Its a waste of tax payer's money and a treachery to her oath of office as state assemblyman...

Just look at the state of affairs in Bukit Lanjan...dangerous potholes on the roads, trees overgrown with rotted branches precariously awaiting to seek out a victim, inadequate pedestrian lanes, clogged drains, mosquitos and dengue statistics climbing fast...and on top of all these, the representative elected by the people to address the woes is away nursing her battered and bruised heart caused by an antagonised paramour?


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