Saturday, February 16, 2008

To HINDRAF: Not a tear will I shed,Not a drop of blood will I cause split!

Extracted from The Phoenix Foundation blog

I was born in this bumi/land.I am anak buah Malaysia!

Have I been marginalised? No! I am a Hindu and have been & been to many Temples my Land!

I have been not given a place in University? No! Three times I have been enrolled! Bachelor of Arts {Literature & Drama in Bahasa & English, with Sanskrit & Tamil Literature as minors} - graduated with Honors - University Malaya 1977. Further Certificate in Legal Practice{The CLP}, University Malaya in 1986. Masters in Law{LLM} in 2000, University Malaya{I withdrew for personal reasons}. My schooling - Methodist Boys School,KL - Standard 1 to Form 6!

Was offered a place in The Royal Military College in 1969, but Father did not give permission because he believed that it is my destiny to be a man of the Laws not to carry weapons!
Was I never offered a Scholarship? Was too, many, but was/am very independant and refused!

Am I anti Government! No! because The Executive is the fundamental triparte bastion of Malaysian Democracy!But I am always "quarelling" with the Government, such that when I appear in a Government Department, things get down{fo my people - Malays,Chinese,Indians,Kadazanz,Muruts,Eurasians,Pernakans etc}

In my heart & soul, the rich tapestry of our cultures is so imbedded with our heritage that even when I am travelling along our roads, past padi fields, past plantations, I feel the sense of history & blessedness this Bumi emmanates!

There are many imbalances, many injustices many faults - but that's Human - TO ERR IS HUMAN, TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE!

All matters can be resolved by those who have the ability, by dialogue & "harrasement", until the authorities relent. Proper & Clever use of the law and talking will overcome.
If I one person, with a whole lot of friends{network} can achieve these, without street confrontation, and especially when I do not have the financial resources, so can other Indians {read HINDRAF}.


I am very proud of by Heritage{Raja Cholan Indian/Hindu} but I am Malaysian first!

I am very proud to be a subject of MY KING[DYMM YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG] & I will never give allegience to a Sovereign of another Land!

Talk, discuss , suggest , keep plugging, my friends: Uthayakumar & Manogaran, but please not the streets!

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